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Activate Pro licence

I just bought the Pro licence but Videoscribe keeps thinking I am trying to use the trial version. How can I use my Pro?


I can confirm that you are a Pro user. 

Sometimes it takes a little while for the payment to be processed by Bluesnap but if you logoff and on again now you will see all of the pro features.


Im having the same issue. I upgraded to PRO 2 days ago and I still only have the trail features. 


1) Trial and Pro accounts are almost identical except for the ability to render different video types, and Pro accounts do not expire after 7 days. Can you export your scribe as a video (MOV, FLV or WMV)?

2) If you have ever had more than one free trial on that computer, make sure you are logging into the one that was upgraded

3) on your account page on this website, check to see if your account status is Pro

4) If you have not already logged out and logged back in, then do so.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

I also have this problem. Tried to log in and out of my account (online and in the client) but still on free trial.

No one wants to buy software and not be able to play with it right away.

Hi Erik,

Are you still having issues logging in to the software?

I paid in order to have access to all the images and it is not working I fell really upset! Please help!

All of the regular library images are free to use. The free trial and the Pro membership have access to all of the same images.

Some free images provided by members are also free to use.
However, members are also allowed to sell their own images in the videoscribe library. No one gets those (images with a red tag) for free.

It might be a good idea for Sparkol to completely separate the member images from the free library to avoid this kind of confusion and frustration.

SVGstudio is also a separate image source that can be purchased.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


The banner you see when clicking on those images during trial (see below) states that you may have to pay for them and you need a subscription to be able buy them. These are images that are not owned by Sparkol but are actually sold by private illustrators through the application which is why we cannot include them in the subscription price. These are called Premium Images and as at free trial we do not have billing information for you these are not available for purchase yet.

If you are struggling to find something suitable though you may want to try creating your own image as it can be real good fun! We recently realeased another 90 images into the free library as well to fill some gaps and we are always working on new ones.

Hello , I also have the same issue. Can you verify my payment ?

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