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Early payment

Hi, I wanna know why did you charged me the suscription 1 day earlier, I was planning to cancel it today to avoid another payment but you charged it today (29/01/2012) and in the email you sent me it clearly said 30/12/2015, I really need you to cancel the charged ammount because I can't afford it, I attached an image from my Gmail so you can see that I suscribed on 30/12/2015, so please, I really need you to solve this,

P.D: Sorry for my bad english but I'm from Chile.



you may want to RAISE A TICKET to contact customer support.

If you don't hear from them today, you will probably hear from them Monday because their offices are closed during the weekend.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Juan, this is just a time difference thing. Our payment company are a hours behind us so may have been the 30th for you but was very late on the 29th for them. Looking a the ticket you raised and your account we have already processed a refund for you.

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