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Managing Team Accounts

I have a team account and I would like to be able to amend who has access to the licences I have purchased myself rather than have to request this from support

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Hi Admin,

Please provide a reply to the question above. I am also considering to purchase a team license but I would like to

know if the same user using the same account would be able to activate this software on another pc.

As discussed on the other forum at the moment

  • Each person in the team gets their own personal subscription
  • The software can be installed on as many machines as you like. You just need to log-in with an active subscription when you launch the application
  • When you buy a team licence the email address that requests the purchase becomes the master account and that account can request changes to the team membership with the support team

As for this request for an admin portal to allow master accounts to administer their own membership it's something we are working on and will hopefully have available soon

Hi Barry,

If I were to purchase the team license for 10 users. I would like to know if these 10 users will they be able to login only to their own accounts or will they also be able to login to other user's accounts? I need to know this so that I don't need to worry if there accounts are being wrongly used by another user. Or is there any counter measures that can prevent this kind of situations from occurring? Appreciate your soonest reply.

Each account has it's own username (email address) and password so they can be kept secure

Hi Barry, 

My organization is thinking of buying the team license, do you have a non-profit rate for team licenses? 

Yes we do. If you email with you non-profit registration details and the team size we can send you a quote.


I am looking to buy 7 licenses (one-off payment subscriptions) for my team.  Please advise the best way for me to purchase them and also if I can get the discounted rate of a 5-pack license applied to the 7 licenses.  Thanks.

Hi Jenny,

If you can email they will be able to help you get your licences

I wish to transfer my account (I only executed the purchase ) for the actual end user ,


If I were to do this, I would be working with multiple students in a class. From what I read, even though we can use this on multiple devices, we could not all login at the same time under one license. So the only way we could accomplish class work simultaneously, would be to use multiple licenses? ;( any work arounds there?

The education page says there's a yearly classroom license for up to 30 students for 350pounds GBP. I don't know how that translates to other currencies.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Exciting News Sparkol Team owners.... Team Administration is here! 

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