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pro account

how about this?

you need sparkol pro account to use video scribe.

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Hi Edgar,

I've checked your account and no payment has been processed so it looks like it has failed. I recommend that you restart your browser and try making the payment again. If you encounter any further issues, please open a support ticket.

Can Videoscribe perform two things at the same time? For example, drawing a pic while displaying text simultaneously rather than finishing drawing the pic and then displaying the text? How about audio track? Can i have 2 audio tracks playing at the same time?

Videoscribe cannot animate two elements at the same time.

If you make your own SVG images you can make one SVG that include your drawing and your text so that the text appears at the desired moment during the drawing.

You can import one mp3 into the voice over track and one mp3 into the music track. Both audio tracks start playing at the beginning of the scribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

 how to create pro account

To upgrade your account to Pro, you can purchase a subscription plan at

How i use our free trial for first day????

1) Download and install videoscribe



2) run videoscribe

3) login using the same login information you used on this website.

(If anyone has already used a free trial on your computer, you cannot use another one.)

how to create a pro account sir ?

Hi, I purchased the software and I am unable to login after installation. However, it works when I put ID/P word on web page. I have contacted video scribe help but there is no response even after a day. It's a working day (Thursday-Friday). What can I do? I don't think there is any option of subscription cancelation like doodly. Athar

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