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login problem


I am facing problem in login.That is I had a free trial..But during login in an app it says that"log in online in device ,to use offline".I just had a trial version for 7 days.And I want to make an important video.Please solve my problem..

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That error is caused by either a bad internet connection or a setting on your PC not allowing VideoScribe to connect and check your account. How to fix this is covered in our help pages are and here's a link to that article - VideoScribe won't open – error message 'Without an internet connection you can only log in with your last used details' appears. If you follow the steps there that should sort things out.

Also try ticking the 'Remember Me' box as this will allow you to log-in offline once you have made a connection while online once.

Not being able to login would appear to be a common problem and following the recommended steps does not appear to solve it. Really frustrating for a new user. I thought it was just on free trial so I purchased full system and still can't access. So far all help desk has done is send standard list of instructions which I had already tried anyway.


Unfortunately when you have an application that needs to communicate back to the cloud to check credentials when you log-in and that is installed on the wide range of systems that VideoScribe is there is occasionally some settings or software on some computers and/or networks which stop that communication from happening. 

We'll try and work through the possible options as quickly as possible with you but the more information you can give about the settings you have in place, AV and Firewalls you use, network you are on (work, open or home/private) and anything else you think might be relevant from the page linked above will help us avoid the generic and focus straight in on the likely issue. Pictures paint a thousand words as well so little screenshots (snipping tool on Windows or Command>Shift>4 on Mac) of the relevant settings from your machine are the best and can really help with getting the correct answer quickly. Obviously wouldn't expect all this on a public forum so log a ticket ( and that way all your settings remain private.

I couldnt login it is giving wrong login details as error

common causes are:
1) accidentally added one extra character to username or password (sometimes a "space" at beginning or end
2) capslock is engaged
3) numlock is off
4) misspelled or misremembered login information

Usual solution is to make sure capslock is off, numlock is on, then delete all login info and carefully re-enter it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I've registered to Sparkol under 1 month subscription, and am able to logon to my account.
But, I can't use the software as the following message keep popping up. "To use offline mode, you must first log in online on this device".
I've tried all the steps suggested by your help page, and still can't use it. I give up trying now.
What more can I do now?

Hi Kyaw,

Please see Barry Radford's post, which is 3 up from yours, and follow his advice.

I only started the 7 day trial today.  I made a presentation as soon as I logged on for the first time but now after logging back on I can't seem to find any way of actually getting back to that presentation or making a new one.  I just keep getting a screen which is advertising all of your products and my time is running out!

This question pops up occasionally.

The problem sounds like you are looking at the videoscribe WEBSITE instead of the videoscribe PROGRAM.

Projects can only be created or edited in the videoscribe program. Run the program and login to the program.

Hope that makes sense,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


I have downloaded the new Version. And after the login - nothing happens. I gave reinstalled alle former Versions and installed the news version 3 Times - but there is no solution. 

Hi Eiko,

We have had a few reports of this issue and are looking into it to see if we can figure out what the cause is. In the meantime the only thing I can suggest at the moment is to use the previous version of VideoScribe. You will need to uninstall version 3 and you can download 2.3.7 from the following links. (Windows) (Mac)

Uninstalling version 3 will not affect any of your saved work and all scribes are backwards compatible.

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