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Cannot access account after paying


I've paid today for an annual Video Scribe subscription. It says I've paid an invoice, but have no subscriptions. I've already used the 7 day trial.

When I log on to Video Scribe software, it says "You need a Sparkol PRO account to use Video Scribe. You can only take advantage of the trial once.".

It also didn't send me a confirmation email after payment.

Please help.



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Hi Angus,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry that you have had this problem. The Payment system that we use had some technical errors yesterday which delayed upgrades and purchases being reflected in our users accounts. This issue has now been resolved and you should have full access. Please let us know if you need any further support and we will be happy to help.

Hi, I need to use this, because I'm paying for it, but it says that my trial has finished. Please fix it now or send me my money back.


Hi Florencia,

I have just replied to your ticket. Thanks, Jess. 


Pagué hoy una suscripción mensual de VideoScribe. Dice que he pagado la factura, pero no tengo suscripciones y ya usé mi versión de prueba de siete días. Al iniciar sesión en el software de VideoScribe dice: "Necesita una cuenta Sparkol PRO para usar Video Scribe. Solo puede aprovechar la versión de prueba una vez ". Tampoco me envió un correo electrónico para confirmar.

Por Favor ayudaaaaa! 

Saludos, Alejandra. Colombia 

Hello, I have a problem with the payment of the pro sparkol account. When entering Video Scribe software, he says: "You need a Sparkol PRO account to use Video Scribe, you can only take the trial version once." I already used my seven-day trial version and never, after making the payment, sent me a confirmation email. Please help, I need to recover a video. Greetings, Alejandra. Colombia

Hi, again. Please help me with my problem. Pleaseeee. this is the bill 

Hi Alejandra,

I can see that a support ticket has already been raised for your query. 

The support team will respond as soon as possible.


This is the only screen I get after logging in. I have downloaded the program several times and it does not do anything but bringing me back to the same page. I am very frustrated. I have clicked every possible button trying to open a file that I started yesterday.


The videoscribe program and the sparkol website are two separate things. Your screenshot is the sparkol website. You can't make scribes on the website.

You need to install the program, run the program, and login to the program if you want to make a scribe project.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hola, pague una cuenta pro $35 USD. y me sigue apareciendo versión de prueba, me urge entregar mi trabajo,.  ya tengo el cargo a mi tarjeta  y me enviaron un comprobante de pago ,

doesn't it send any announcement to prove it work? pay money and now haven't received any guarantee friv 2020

This a public forum.

If you need account support, raise a ticket and attach your VideoScribe invoice to the ticket. 

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