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Online payment

I processed a renewal of an account and the website says it is $144 if paying for year.  I was billed $198.00  Why is there a difference 

Invoice INV001017450

Thank you, Vickie Anderson

Your subscription has a renewal price of $198.00 as that was the price when it was taken out. However the current price is $144.00 as we dropped our prices in October.

Unfortunately though we have grown quite a lot over recent years and with any new growth comes changes so we have several payment systems and customers spread across them. Therefore there is no way to reset all subscription prices across all of them.  We do send an email out in the run-up to renewal advising you to cancel and take out a new subscription at the lower price. You will not lose any work as you can take out the new subscription on the same account the day your old one expires so keep the same log-in details etc. As you just allowed the account to renew and did not cancel and re-buy you were charged the higher amount. 

I can ask the finance team to manually refund the difference though and move you to the lower price plan. Will take about a week to go through but you will see the money return to your account soon

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