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 I no longer use video scribe and didn't realise I was on an automatic payment without any reminders, apart from the one that took £144 from my account. I would appreciate a refund, and have already cancelled my subscription. As you can probably see, i haven't used videoscribe for a number of months now, and certainly not since payment was taken. Hope you can sort this.


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Steve, as it only renewed yesterday and you haven't logged in since then we can offer a refund. We charge a $10 admin fee on yearly payments to cover the charges taken by the payment company but as long as you are OK with that we'll process that for you ASAP. Please let us know if you would still like a refund or would like to retain the subscription.

Hi Barry,
Appreciate the refund minus the admin fee. I currently have no use for Sparkol, but i'm sure it'll become a requirement in the future. thanks for your prompt response, and it's a great piece of software. Good customer service too which makes a refreshing change!



Hi. Same problem here...

We used your software once for a short presentation video and it went fine, but we do not need it anymore at the moment... i did not gat a notification before my account was charged for the renewal.

I allready have quit the subscription.

Can you please refund at least part of the fee - because i know I'm late... 22 days since renewal? 

thanks in advance.

kind regards. Stefan

If you would like to discuss any refunds, please open a support ticket.

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