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PayPal payment denied

Hi Sparkol team,

After free trial period, I want to try 1 month subscription. As I do not have any Visa/Master/American Express card, I have to pay only with PayPal. However, I cannot pay with PayPal but get the error. I have no clue why this happens. Further, I see other people in this community who had similar problem, so hope you can help me with this. 

Could you kindly reach out to me via email about this matter? I also want to share the screenshot of error screen with you via email hoping that it would help you in resolving this matter.

Hope to hear back from you soon! 

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Seah, I'll turn this post into a support ticket so we can contact you privately

I have the same error.  And, when you ask for my  address, it don't present Mexico in the list of countries.  I don't know if that has something to do with the error on paypal.  The paypal account is from Mexico too. 

I selected USA and other countries, just to select any country.  It doesn't tell me that this is the specific error, but I supoose that will be an issue when I ask for my invoice in the future.



A support ticket has already been raised for your query. 

The support team will respond as soon as possible. 

I have the same problem! Even when I want to pay with mastercard, I cannot! It's downoading for almost 1 hour now!

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