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I downloaded this application to complete a university assignment. I was disappointed to find that after days of making a video, it rendered without the voice over. This meant that I had to download another program to add the sound track back. Shocking considering the price I paid. I would not recommend paying for a subscription for this application. 

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Can you save you project to the online cloud folder within your account and we can download it, take a look and try and get it working. 

Also if you recorded the voice over outside of VideoScribe and imported it into the project could you attach the MP3 file to the forum as well so we can take a look at that too.

I would like a refund. I tried completing a project for my masters program and it looked great on scribe but it was definitely a hassle. Then I tried multiple times to upload it to youtube so I would be able to send it to my professor in a format she would be able to view.-No luck. After hours, till 5am in fact, I tried different things (This project was due at midnight). Then I gave up and thought purchasing the membership might make a difference. It did! I was finally able to create the video, but...It would never attach to an email or anything else I tried to send it to. I will not be using this product ever again and I am exhausted from trying to get the video to work for a non-sparkol member. Please let me know how I can get my money back. 

Hey Alexandra, sorry you had some problems working with Videoscribe. I can appreciate that working to a deadline is stressful. I have created a ticket with the refund info in. Jess 

Hey Jess. Maybe I didn't make it clear enough that my project was also on a tight deadline. And that I eventually had to download several other programs to actually finish my project, which was the reason I PAID for a subscription with Scribe, so that I could make and COMPLETE a video. Ridiculous. I should also receive a refund

Hi Melissa, I have created a separate ticket to discuss this. Jess 

I am facing the exact same issue. I recorded using the app, and it shows all good when played via the app. Now there is a list of issue: First of all, it doesn't render with sound. Then, it doesn't download in iOS. And finally, when I opened it ( with my windows laptop, I got a virus. Seriously, what kind of scam is this!?

Abha, again we have logged a support ticket for you so we can delve deeper into this.

How do I get a refund on my current account, my company purchased another license for me already and so I don't need to pay for 2.  I just got recharged on 2/4/17 for another month however my company has 5 licenses purchased a few weeks ago for the full year. Can you refund my account?  Thanks.

Hi Curt, please raise a support ticket and we'll be happy to help.

feel pretty ripped off, just purchased it as in the trial it said i couldn't use other images marked with flags unless subscribed then after i subscribe i realise you have to pay for them anyway, pretty crap if you ask me

I believe the message clearly states that you have to have a subscription in order to BUY the images.

The premium images are provided by videoscribe users, and those users set their own prices and earn money from their images.

-Mike (Videoscribe user)


sin sabía que se pagaba de golpe lo anual, pensaba que eran 11euros al mes, lo cancelé en el mismo momento que me inscribí, ,e gustaría que me devolvieran mi dinero. Intenté enviar un mensaje pero me decía que no se podía. No sé cómo contactar con vosotros. Lo que sé es que mi dinero ya me lo han quitado y lo necesito, es mucho dinero. Por favir cuanto antes responderme. :(

Minha assinatura anual era válida até amanhã. Hoje recebi uma mensagem dizendo que a assinatura foi renovada um dia antes do prazo. Mas eu não quero renovar. Por favor, devolvam o dinheiro. 

Billing queries and refund requests will be dealt with in a support ticket. Estela and Lilian, please submit a support ticket if you would like to discuss these matters further.

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