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buenos dias tengo un problema al intentar entrar me aprece este error gracias

tengo un problema, sparkol no me permite guardar mi archivo, por favorayudenme urgente ! 

Gloria, your account used it's trial in October last year so that message is correct. You will need to purchase a subscription to use VideoScribe

Helevy, You can export to YouTube, Facebook and PowerPoint during trial but will need a subscription to export locally. 

I just made a payment for 6 credit and they do not apparessent in my account?
My user sur iTunes

Jonathan, there is a restore purchases option within VideoScribe Anywhere below the buy button for further purchases. If you click that the app will re-sync with your iTunes account and the purchases should show

I 'm using an iPad with your software and I can see no button I can to get my syncroniser 6 credits , thank you
a have only buy credits buttons and x works

image.png image.png
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If you hit the send to camera roll button rather than buy credits then the restore purchases button will show. Sorry for the confusion!

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