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Going pro

I created a video in the free trial and when I went pro I was still not allowed to download the video. I have an invoice but I am continuously told to get a pro account when I try to dowload my video. Can someone help me dowload this video?


You're probably trying to do something on this website. You cannot open the program, open a scribe, or render a video by clicking anything on this website.

close the website and run the videoscribe program instead.

customer support works monday through friday during UK business hours if you need additional help.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi I am ready to buy the program and change from trial to PRO. I am scared that if I buy the month I will lost my saved scrive. 

Could you explain me the process before pay please. 


Everything you have done during the free trial will still be saved in the same location when you upgrade to Pro.

If you would like to buy a Sparkol subscription during or after your VideoScribe free trial, purchase it on the Sparkol website. Log in with your Sparkol account log in details. You won't need to download VideoScribe again – the next time you open VideoScribe, you'll find all your work inside, and have access to the full set of features.

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