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Good evening, team Sparkol

I submitted two emails couple days ago with no reply (emailed the 14 days sparkol email) and a send ticket regarding a refund. I live in the U.S and have no knowledge doing international calls.

Hello, looks like Matt replied to your ticket shortly after you posted this and your refund is being processed

I have tried multiple times to send a ticket for help -- when I check SUBMIT, nothing happens.  I DO NOT want to renew mu subscription, but you have charged my account for $198.00 US.  Please refund ASAP.

Copy of bank statement showing charge is applied.  I have tried, unsuccessfully, to SUBMIT a ticket, but nothing happens.  Perhaps this is a way to reach you.

Cherryl Stowe

Cherie, VideoScribe is offered as a Yearly subscription meaning you are signing up to be billed every Year. We do not offer a single Year option for VideoScribe although you can cancel this subscription at any time. When you sign up via our website, you are advised that it is a Yearly subscription and if you do not cancel that subscription, you will be charged on a Yearly basis until you do.

We can offer you a refund though as you have got in contact with us quickly after payment and haven't used your subscription since the renewal. We will charge a $10 admin fee to cover charges taken by the payment company for the transaction but if you agree with that then I can get the refund processed for you? 

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