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Can I find any backup copies of my scribes in my account?

After Windows reinstallation all my scribes disappeared. I had a free trial version. Is there any possibility that these files are stored online in my account? Can I renew them somehow?

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Scribe files are only stored locally on your computer by default.

They would only be stored in the cloud folder (online) if you manually selected the cloud folder when saving your work. If you saved any scribes to the cloud folder you will see them in the cloud folder within videoscribe and you can see them by loging into this site and going to

You also have the option of saving your scribe projects as freestanding .scribe files which can be stored in a location of your choice, or transferred by email or other means.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hey Mike, I figured I'd post this in this thread instead of start another.

What about if I, probably like many videoscribe users, always simply publish directly to Youtube, using that youtube buttton ?   It appears as though, videoscribe is actually saving the file locally to your PC, and *then* in the next stage it's uploading it to Youtube.

Does videoscribe, to yoru knowledge, save that intermediate local movie file ( whatever file it's in ), so that you can reuse that file in case you want to upload it a facebook page that you own ?  Or maybe delete it after it's uploaded to youtube?

I"m thinking, from now on, I should stop using the direct-to-Youtube button, and always opt for saving as a mp4 file, so I can:

   manually upload to youtube, facebook, etc myself

  upload it to onedrive for private sharing


I haven't looked into this in recent versions, but I think you can find cached video files in some sub folder of the videoscribedesktop folder if you render MOV videos.  the same might occur with other formats.

if you render to for mp4 files the processing all takes place on sparkol's servers, so there will not be a locally saved copy I think.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Ok, I'll look for those locations, thanks

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