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upgrade to paid version. retaining files.


I am upgrading to the paid version.  When logging in to my free account, I get the message "You need a new Sparkol PRO account to use VideoScribe. You can only take advantage of the free trial once".  It appears that I cannot upgrade from inside my free trial account and asked to create a new account.  If I create a new account , will I be able to find my files?    



If you would like to buy a Sparkol subscription during or after your VideoScribe free trial, purchase it on the Sparkol website. Log in with your free trial Sparkol account log in details. You won't need to download VideoScribe again – the next time you open VideoScribe, you'll find all your work inside, and have access to the full set of features.


Last week I used Video Scribe and now the free trial ended I purchased it (as mentioned above). Untill now it is not possible to open Video Scribe at all. And I am afraid my earlier developped scribes are gone....Please help me!



Any scribe you save will remain where they are unless you do something to delete them or something happens to your computer that erases files.

For both members who posted in this thread, you should not create a new account. I thin you have to upgrade your free trial account to a pro account if you want to continue accessing the same saved projects.

If that does not answer your question, Raise a Ticket to contact customer support.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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