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My free trial expired before I was able to render my video for my school project. URGENT

Hi I was trying to render my video but it had an error so I tried to render it but the trial expired before I could. Is there any way to extend my trial for a day??????? thank you. This is also a school project so it is time sensitive. 

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Hi Ella,

I have responded to your support ticket.


My trial has recently ended however i have not been able to go back into my account to transport my video!! For some reason, everytime i try to transport it to powerpoint, it does not work. Today i decided to try downloading it again to powerpoint, only to see that i could not even enter my account! This is very frustrating as i really need this video for a project! Please at least allow me to view my project if extending the trial for another day is not possible.

Thank you!!!!  

So how'd this work out it happened to me as well, not paying $30 for 5 minutes to download my video.

If you've got a similar question, please open a support ticket.

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