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Good afternoon! Can I get documents confirming the payment? Invoice or act


You can download your invoice by logging in at

 Hi my monthly statements are $29 but each month I get a separate charge for $.29 but no invoice statement for the $.29 making it very confusing for our accounting team. Are they both your charges and why are the separated? and how do I get an statement for both. 

For billing questions, you may want to RAISE A TICKET to contact customer support.


Please share the invoice of my purchase details:, ref ID: B34389, Start Date: 6-18-2014. 

This need from our Finance department. Please help As Soon As Possible.

Thank you!

Matthew provided that information earlier in this thread. Click the link in the Matthew's previous post to go to the invoices page with a list of your invoices as well as links to view or download them. (You must login with the correct username and password for that account if you want to see the invoices for that account).

-Mike (videoscribe user)


ok, thank you. 

The link to your invoices page is now

But the previous link I posted will redirect to the new link.

Oá !  

Moro no Brazil.   Gostaria de saber se o valor que aparece na página do site da Sparkol é em dolar ? ou em real ?

Hi Nelson,

In Brazil, you will see the prices in USD.

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