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EU Tax verification

The Taxation site of the European Union has a technical issue at the moment which is preventing the verification of EU Tax numbers. If you try to make a purchase using a VAT number you will see the following error "the eu vat can't be checked at the moment" and won't be able to complete transaction.

If you follow this post we will update it when the site is available again so you can process your purchase as soon as service is restored.

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The EU Tax verification service has now been restored and you can now enter your EU Tax details onto a purchase to be checked. Thanks for your patience while this issue was resolved

I was speaking with Barry(11_12_2017) and Hanna(30-11_2017) but they send me a bill for pay with incorrect VAT, because i am living in Europe. Can you send me the correct bill and a link. I Will pay very quick. JOSE EMILIO LOZANO

For the correct bill, I only need you include the IDNumber called CIF=ES30538683L

How can i insert my TAX details?

Can you send me the bill again with the correct VAT ID Number?

Hi Jose,

When you purchase a subscription plan on our website you will have the opportunity to enter you EU VAT number. You need to make sure that when entering your VAT number, you add a space after the 2 letter country code e.g, 'ES B1234321'.


Hi ,
I have the same issue with the VAT Number. I am working in Germany and my VAT number is not accepted even it is correct. Space after the 2 letter country code DE does not work. Could you please help? I got a discount offer which I really would like to claim.


If you have a query regarding your VAT number, please open a support ticket and let us know your VAT number in the ticket.

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