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My 2 Youtube Channels (Ad Revenue)

I had bought a 1 year Subscription 2 days back!!
I bought Video-scribe to make Educational & Motivation videos on my 2 Youtube!!
However I plan to upload Motivational on 1 channel & Educational on my other channel!!
Only I would be using the software..on just my 1 and only personal computer.

I have read the term & condition stating that you can you your created content anywhere on Facebook, Youtube and other places even commercially as long as you have an active subscription?

So I wanted to ask & clarify that will i be in any Trouble if I use my creations on both of my YouTube channels...
I dont intent to use it any other place like Facebook or other websites

The videos r only created by me on my own personal computer and I have bought rightfully bought my 1 Year subscription.....
will there be any Issues if I put the videos in my Seperate Youtube channels?
Because I like to categorize my stuff and keep things clean    

You will have no problems putting your content onto separate YouTube channels.

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