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Can't save the video on any extension


I have a deadline today and it has already been 24 hours of troubleshooting and doing every single thing and the videos give an error just about to end the render, saying nothing more tan that there has been a problema.

I delivered a video to another client 2 days ago and there was no problema.

I'm really worried. I have shut down the computer. Cleaned memory, done the render with no other apps running, cleared all images to low definition drawings or jpgs, etc. and still it does not work. not for avi or Windows or mov or anything.

Not for low definition or high. It is scaring. What shall I do ??

The event is tomorrow in Madrid with 500 People and I am crossing every deadline alredy and will loose a client and friend if this is not solved.


Hi Blanca,

I have responded to your support ticket regarding this.

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