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Timeline in continuous seconds?

Is there a way to show the timeline in continuous seconds? 

The idea is so that the seconds show, so where creating a voiceover in another program (garage band), I can format exactly to match the seconds without having to add them up. any ideas?

You may find that it is more efficient to always write your script first, then record your voiceover, then build your videoscribe to match the voiceover.

That way you can make a voiceover that sounds natural instead of making one that sounds like you are trying to match the pacing of the animation.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


You may be able to import a video file into Garageband. So you could export your scribe as a MOV file from VideoScribe (Pro users only), import into Garageband and record your voiceover.

kenapa tidak bisa menggunakan emailku saat membuka aplikasi sparkol

Thanks Matthew!

I am developing more of a complex sound scape. I am a pro user. I will give it a try!

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