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Pre Subscription Purchase Questions

My team is interested in a TAWE subscription and we are being asked the following questions before a decision can be made:

-What features/functions does this software have that others don't/what makes it unique?

-How does it compliment VideoScribe?   

-Is the “free” offer (with VideoScribe, which has been approved) a special up front offer and will be billed for each separately at a later date?

Thank you

Tawe is a unique tool for making an engaging presentation out of a single image. See Get started with Tawe – tutorial for an overview of it's capabilities and features.

VideoScribe and Tawe are separate applications that can be used to create presentations. You can use presentations created in both applications side by side as part of a larger presentation.

When you buy a Sparkol subscription you get both VideoScribe and Tawe as part of the subscription price. Both applications are included in the price of the subscription.

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