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Where is my affiliate link?


I can't find my affiliate link. I am log in. Where is it? I see that some YouTubers (I'm too) put their affiliate links in movies. Where is my own link? How can i start affiliate?


We have recently updated our website and the affiliate pages are currently unavailable. They will be replaced over the next few weeks.

Thank you Matthew for answer. So I'm waiting for it :) Please, tell in these topic, when the affiliate pages are available. 

Thank you! 


We actually did a soft launch to existing affiliates today of our new programme and we will be updating all our customers in the next newsletter in a week or two. 

As you are asking though here's the details...

We have partnered with AWIN which will give you a much more powerful range of tools to track the performance of your links and campaigns to maximise your revenue. 

You need to register as a publisher on their platform and they have a helpful guide to walk you through this on their Wiki as well as a FAQ for beginners to the platform.

We are registered as an advertiser on the site as Sparkol rather than VideoScribe. This is to ensure that when we launch new products you can promote these as well. So just search for us when you are set-up and request to join our affiliate network.

We are trying to get set up to be an affiliate. It appears that we have to go to a different site,  and pay them to register. Is that correct? Can you please provide an invitation code? 

Hi Łukasz

Sorry for the delay.

The link you have sent is a 'tracking link' not an 'invitation' code. If you are an affiliate, place that link on your website and people who click on it will be tracked for 30days to see if they make a purchase of VideoScribe. If they do, you will be rewarded with a commission.

Hi Matthew

Thanks, I made a mistake. I meant a tracking link of course, not a invitation code. So thank you for correction.

Hi Łukasz

No problem. Does that clear everything up for you?

Everything ok, thanks. 

I recomend VideoScribe on my YouTube channel with this tracking link. 

Can you provide an invitation code to register the affiliate account? Thanks.

I don't have an have invitation code. I've only tracking link, here

Hi, I have joined awin to promote videoscribe, but I don't know where to find my affiliate link.

I want to put the affiliate link in description of my youtube channel .

Which is the real affiliate link?  I am confused.


(from link builder)


(from my creative)


(from awin chrome extension,homepage )


(from awin chrome extension,costomized link )

I can't find the link like above which end with campaign=Social+Content

Go to the AWIN help pages for instructions and help on how to generate and use your affiliate links.

I have created my account in AWIN to promote Vedia Scribe. My account is approved after a successful payment pf 5$. Now I am searching advertizer for SPARKOL in the advertizer list but that is missing. How can I add SPARKOL as my advertizer? Please guide.

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