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Purchase failed

 I have a One-off charge subscribtion on VideoScribe, but too often I get the message "Purchased Failed" and "There was a problem with your card or payment details..." as I try to buy more illustrations. There is no problem with my card or payment details. I am far from the purchase limit, and it's starting to be very annoying! (I actually thought every illustration was included in the one-off charge subscribtion - I would pay more for that "one-off" to avoid all the extra downloads)

Why does this happen? The last effort I made to day was to write in all the payment details at Sparkol again, and then it started to work. The, after a few hours and some downloads, the same message appeard again. Does anyone experience the same issues?

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I tried so many times to purchase video scribe by using my debit card and paypal account also but it shows again and again same messege from your side that payment failed..But I have sufficient amount to purchase videoscribe....Please fix it..

Get in touch with the Sparkol sales team-

Steps you can also take:

-Contact your bank to authorise the transaction

-Ensure your card accepts international payments + recurring payments

-Try a different payment method 

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