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I'm not able to buy monthly subscription

I'm not able to buy the monthly subscription. When I go to buy option, I enter all the details for buying and at the end, it says order failed. Please help me with the same.

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Hi Vivek,

This error may mean that cookies are not enabled for the Sparkol/VideoScribe website.

Please ensure that they are enabled and attempt to login again.

Your browser may need to be refreshed or closed and opened again.

If this fails, can you advise if the same issue occurs using another browser?

Please raise a support ticket here:
We can then assist you further.

same problem here

Hi- did you follow Jonny's steps in the previous post?

As he has mentioned, if the issue persists after going through the steps, please raise a ticket. 

My problem is aslo same

1.cookies are  enabled for the Sparkol/VideoScribe website.

2.and  I tried to login again.

3.I closed the browser and restarted it,but got same results

4.I've also tried with different browser,still problem

If you're purchasing from India, you'll need to speak to your bank to authorise the transaction. If the issue persists after this, email our sales team, to assist. 

Hi sparkol Team, I am from India. When i try to subscribe, i am getting an error message stating that " we are unable to find pricing for your region". Kindly help me with this issue. SP

Please try again- this was a website issue, and our dev team has resolved it

I'm not able to buy the yearly subscription. I enter all the details for buying and at the end, it says transaction declined. Invalid transaction type and from PayPal an error occurs.

Contact our sales team-

Hi sales team, I am unable to buy your monthly subscription as it says the transaction has not been successful and I need to contact the sales team! Please help!!

same problem here, tried purchasing multiple times, transaction failed message shows, please help < tried with visa card and paypal

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