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Login Problems

I am able to login to the website, but when I try to login to the desktop software it says, "That login information didn't work. Please try again."

I reset my password, and it still does not work.

I am currently on the "Free Trial" to test this software out, but haven't been able to do so...

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Sorry for the delayed response Richard,

I see that you have been able to log in since posting this but if you require any further help, let me know.


I would like to test this software and downloaded the free trial.

I am able to login to the website, recived the welcome mail already.

But when I start the app and log in ( i have so press the login button two times....?), only the logo makes this "loading" movement - but nothing else happens. white wall with the logo on the left side but no button to start..

Hi Anne- raise a ticket with our support team so we can assist. 

I have the same problem and raised a ticket to support team.

I raised a ticket and the support helped me to find the problem.

I had to install VideoScribe Version 3.4 which they sent me by link. Now everything runs fine and I will buy the software.

I bought the software already, registered an account. But why when logging into the software with that account, the message: "That login information didn't work. Please try again". Please help me. My account on the website is:

It looks like you've been able to log into VideoScribe- if the issue persists, can you please raise a support ticket so we can further assist. 

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