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subscription value

Hi I have used the free account on my ipad. I am now looking at subscribing. What are the advantages of having a subscription?

Hi Peggy,

Purchasing a subscription to the desktop version of VideoScribe gives you access to the Pro features of VideoScribe Desktop. A subscription to VideoScribe desktop does not affect the iPad app in any way. See Subscription payment plans – Monthly, Yearly and One-off for information about the subscription plans available.

Hi Mathew thanks. So there is more to vid scribe than the iPad version? Is what you are saying? If I really want to access the full ability of VS I need to have desk top? Cheers, Peg

That is correct. The desktop version of VideoScribe has more options and features than VideoScribe Anywhere on iOS. The article Compare VideoScribe licence features (which I linked to previously) shows the main differences.

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