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StoryPix versus Tawe

What's the difference between StoryPix and Tawe?

Both applications are similar; you can zoom, pan, rotate and annotate an image to give a presentation by creating scenes or snapshots at different positions. You can also record a voiceover over the animation in both applications. You can publish your animation to in both applications or present from the applications.

In StoryPix, you can record a voiceover for each scene separately. In Tawe, you record for the whole animation in one go. StoryPix is used in a web browser and your projects are synch'ed to the cloud automatically so you can access your projects in different browsers on different computers and devices. Tawe is an application that you install on your computer or mobile device.

So Tawe can only be seen through Tawe application? It can't be saved to video for a larger presentation?

You can publish Tawe projects to video as well - Make a Tawe video or presentation

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