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Hi pls add multi editing features like changing multiple hand or timing of the image .

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 YES PLEASE. I frequently have to go in and change a dozen or so timings or hands. Also on some of my older scribes I decided the hands were just plain annoying and I had to open every single element and tell the hands to go away!!

So there are a couple of options here.

For the hand you have the 'Default Hand Scribe' button on the top toolbar which would change the hand for everything in the project (unless you have set something specific on an individual item).

With timings you have preferences where you can set the draw time each new item gets. 

But I guess you are talking abount Ctrl+Click and adjust a section of the project, rather than one, or everything?

Don't forget to like the original idea to vote for it!

 Thanks - I did not realize by changing the default to no hands on a previous scribe that used a hand would change that to no hands.

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