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Create and position a scene

Last updated: 4 May 2018

When you have added a picture into StoryPix and it is on the canvas you can change its position, rotate and zoom. You can capture different views as scenes which make up your story.

If you haven't already added a picture into StoryPix, take a look at Start a story - choose a picture.

Step 1. Position your image for the first scene.

Use your fingers to rotate, zoom and pan the image into the position you would like.

Placing two fingers on the image and spreading them apart will zoom in, moving them closer together will zoom out, rotating your fingers will rotate the image and placing one finger on the image and dragging will pan the image.

Step 2. Add a new scene.

Tap the '+' (A) button, your scene will be saved and a new scene will be added to the timeline (B).

You can then repeat Steps 1 and 2 to create all the scenes you need for your story.

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