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Start a new story - choose a picture

Last updated: 9 July 2019

This article will take you through the steps to start creating a story using StoryPix. Every story starts with a picture, you can take a new photo on your device or choose one from your library.

Step 1. After you have logged into StoryPix, you will be able to create a new story. To do this tap on the blue '+' (A) button.

You now need to choose if you would like to use your device camera to 'Take A Photo' (B) or 'Choose From Photo Library' (C) to access images already on your device.

Take a Photo

Please note: If you select this option but your device does not have a camera you will instead see the options for 'Choose From Photo Library'. 

Step 3a. Take a picture (D) and you will then see a preview of your image.

Select 'Use Photo' (E) to progress or 'Retake' (F) to take a different picture and return to the previous screen.

Choose From Photo Library

Step 3b. A window will open to allow you to find images on your device. Select the image you would like to use and then click on it to open (G).

Please Note: This example is shown using an OSX Tablet. The window at opens and the buttons to confirm your choice will be different on other devices.

Your image will then be opened in StoryPix and you can start to create your scenes.

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