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Record a voiceover

Last updated: 18 January 2018

You can add narration to your scenes by recording a voiceover. Each scene in your story can contain its own voiceover segment.

Step 1. Select record audio from the left toolbar.

When you have selected the scene you would like to record audio for, tap the microphone icon (A) in the left toolbar. When you are ready, tap the record icon (B) to begin recording for the scene.

Step 2. Record your audio

You've hit record so just talk clearly into the microphone. The blue marker (C) will begin to move to the right and you will see your audio being captured. Once the blue marker reaches centre point it will stop and the time meter (D) will begin moving to the left. When you have completed your recording, tap the stop icon (E) to save it.

Step 3. Play back your recording.

Once you have stopped recording and it is saved, the stop button will change to a play button (F) which will allow you to play back what you have recorded for that scene. If you are unhappy click delete (G) and you can record again.

When a scene contains a voiceover, a microphine icon will appear on the scene thumbnail (H).

When you are happy with your recording and are ready to move on to the next scene, tap the next scene (I) button in the timeline and repeat the process.

You can record audio for as many or few scenes as you like and can record in any order that you like. The recording will be for the specific scene and will be moved with the scene if you decide to put them into a different order. See reordering and deleting scenes.

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