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Reorder and delete scenes

Last updated: 19 January 2018

Once you have created your scenes you can change their order or remove any that you no longer need. This article will show you how.

You can pick up a scene and drag it to a new position (A) by placing and holding your finger on the scene and dragging (you need to hold your finger on the scene for a couple of seconds to pick it up before dragging). Other scenes will be displaced when you drag to show you where the scene you are dragging will be placed when you let go of it. In this example, we are moving scene 2 so it is after scene 3.

You can also delete a scene by dragging it to the trash can to the right of the timeline (B). The trash can icon appears after you have picked up a scene by placing your finger on it.

If you delete a scene by mistake all the data on the scene will be lost including notes and voiceover so you will need to add those again.

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