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Play back and present live from the app

Last updated: 24 May 2018

Whatever the size of your audience, presenting your story is easy and can be done in the app, directly from your device.

When you have finished creating your story you can present it directly from your device. You can connect your device to a projector, for example, and speak about the project while moving from scene to scene.

Tapping the 'playback' icon (A) will play back the project from beginning to end without having to tap to move between scenes. All voiceovers and closed captioning will also be played.

Tapping the ‘present’ icon (B) will take you to presentation mode. No audio will be heard in present mode as you will be talking as you move through the story. You can choose if closed captioning is displayed.


When you enter playback mode a play button will be available (C). Press this to begin video playback.

When your video is playing back you will see all closed captions and hear all audio. The play and pause buttons will disappear, however, just tap the screen to bring these back.

When your video finishes playing you will automatically return to the same screen and you can use the 'X' (D) in the top left to exit playback mode and return to your story.


When the present icon is tapped, your project will be displayed in full screen and will allow you to move back and forth between scenes using the arrows to the left (E) and right (F) of your image.

No audio is played while in presentation mode; it is designed for live presentations with a live voiceover. You can turn the closed captioning on and off as you present using the 'CC' button (G) in the bottom left of the screen.

Use the 'X' (H) in the top left to exit present mode and return to your story.

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