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Support opening hours for the festive period

Hello Scribers!

Just a note to say there are a few UK public holidays coming up over the festive period and the Sparkol office will be closed on those days. Our opening hours between now and the New Year are:

  • Friday 20th December - OPEN 09:00-17:30 (GMT)
  • Saturday 21st December - CLOSED as usual on weekends
  • Sunday 22nd December - CLOSED as usual on weekends 
  • Monday 23rd December - OPEN 09:00-17:30 (GMT)
  • Tuesday 24th December - OPEN 09:00-17:30 (GMT)
  • Wednesday 25th December - CLOSED for Christmas Day public holiday
  • Thursday 26th December - CLOSED for Boxing Day public holiday  
  • Friday 27th December - OPEN 09:00-17:30 (GMT) 
  • Saturday 28th December - CLOSED as usual on weekends 
  • Sunday 29th December - CLOSED as usual on weekends 
  • Monday 30th December - OPEN 09:00-17:30 (GMT) 
  • Tuesday 31st December - OPEN 09:00-17:30 (GMT) 
  • Wednesday 1st December - CLOSED for New Year public holiday 
  • Thursday 2nd December - OPEN Normal 09:00-17:30 (GMT) Monday-Friday hours resume from here

As usual we will be doing all we can to reply to your questions within a working day to keep your videos and creativity flowing through this joyus time of year. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the Support Team at Sparkol!

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